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Weighing in at 9.5 ounces (drum roll, please)… BOY!

These stills are from our 18w3d ultrasound!  We are absolutely over the moon in love with him already…  When we first started the ultrasound he was curled up and sleeping on his tummy; making it difficult to impossible for the sonographer to determine the gender or take any of the other vital measurements we were there to do.

It turned out that our surrogate had not eaten breakfast in anticipation of blood work, and the sonographer thought this may be why the baby was so inactive.  Not a problem – a box of apple juice is apparently a magical baby animating elixir.  Half way through the box o’ juice, the baby started rolling around and kicking his legs. The result, a clear shot of what we needed to know to paint the nursery and a beautiful ten minute video of our son kicking, holding his ear, and generally moving about.

Many smile and tears.  A truly beautiful and wonderful day.



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It’s a Girl! (maybe)

All the excitement has really been getting to me.  So, despite all the controversy about the intelligender tests (accuracy is said to range from 0-80% with the company claiming 80%), we bought one, and the result was “girl”.  Positive all along that we are having a girl, one of our besty couple friends bought us our first little outfit. Adorable!


We’re going to repeat next week.  We won’t know, of course, until our 20 week ultrasound, but it is really fun!

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