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Waiting Game

Last night, JH told me that I become obsessed with whatever given project I am engaged in and that I have taken it to a new level with this particular endeavor. I prefer – “focused”.

While we have only really been actively engaged in this process for two and a half months, it feels like two and a half years.  As someone who can be just a wee bit of a control freak, what really strikes me about this process is the degree to which waiting characterizes every step of this process and just how little I can do to affect that.

Once we signed with an agency, our next step was to wait to match with a surrogate. Ever “focused”, I spent a lot of time talking to surrogates and intended parents (IPs) on social networking sites, and directing potential matches to our agency.  JH said I was bird doggin’.  I prefer – “networking”.

Once we matched, our next step was to complete my and Surro’s medical exams and psychiatric evaluations.  Because Surro lives in a rural area she had a hard time finding providers to conduct tests.  I started calling clinics, hospitals and doctors in her area. JH said I was being pushy. I prefer – “sourcing resources”.

Having completed evals, it was time to complete our contracts.  Some of the details of our agreements made required our contract be slightly different than what is typical. As a result, our attorneys took a couple weeks to complete.  I tapped into my newly formed network of surrogates and IPs to get examples of contracts that the attorneys could use.  JH said I was not allowing our attorney to do his job. I prefer – “helping him to do his job”.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post we have completed our surrogacy contracts and are thrilled!  Now we are just waiting for Surro to start her cycle and to attempt our first round of insems.  Focused as ever, I am trying to figure out what I can do to help facilitate this next step.  I’m sure mother nature could be “persuaded”.



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This week was a momentous one for us. Our best friends gave birth to their baby boy and we completed our surrogacy contracts!

We are so excited to welcome “W” (no relation to the former President) to the world and are thrilled that our own kid(s) will grow up in such a diverse community of families.


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